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tv   [untitled]    April 18, 2015 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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citations which the actual storage house and then the flooring is this thing from what of the being card charges on the 16 dot 1 the foundation has a different permit and the next one the storage shed has to have the next permit. >> excuse me. sir they have to decide on the jurisdiction then you'll make your case. >> is there any further commissioners comments before we go to public comment any public comment seeing none if you want to. >> you go. >> your turn. >> you go. >> i'd like to make a motion based on the fact that the building permit was foiled we
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uphold we not uphold. >> we grant jurisdiction or take jurisdiction i would suggest we continue it. >> to another time. >> to another time to give the staff time to prepare the case and resolve the illness kinds. >> can i request the next paycheck if you could provides the drawings for the shared foundation. >> absolutely we have drawings and photos and all the fun stuff. >> we'll be cognizant of trying to defend it is sound it is going to complicated where the foundation is. >> let's not deal. >> i'd like to reiterate what you're heard the department staff say multiplements times over today what is issues are civil issues that are decided
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between neighbors. >> there's a jurisdictional hearing. >> right part of why i'm here is because the department staff has made that an issue between the department and letting the neighbors figure out it themselves. >> you've made a motion; right? >> second. >> i'm going to restate the motion the motion to grant jurisdiction and continue the matter until the next month to month. >> on that motion i'll do a roll call vote vote. >> commissioner clinch commissioner melgar commissioner mccarthy commissioner mccray commissioner walker okay. that motion carries unanimously you didn't call me. >> yes. >> (laughter) yes. >> item 8 general public comment
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is there any general public comment for items no one the the abatement appeals item i adjournment. >> is there a motion to adjourn. >> second. >> we're now adjourned it is 11167 a.m. and we'll reconvene as the building inspection in
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>> >> items today will appear on the board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. >> okay, before we get started i also want to note that sf govtv and
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thank the staff that is recording this for everybody to get a hold of, hersh and jessie larson. during this meeting i might call things out of order. i will start with item no. 16789 item no. one for receiving reports for fiscal years 2011 through 2014. >> okay. good morning chair yee, supervisor christensen. here to present to you the annual review process for the benefit district program.
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nothing new we haven't covered before. in terms of legislative overview, there are two laws that govern the community benefit district program. that is the state law 1994 act and article law 14. this covers fiscal years 2011 through 2014. o e wd is responsible for meeting their management plans and reports for cpa financial reviews and providing to you all a memo which is a part of your board packet. i do want to note for the civic center that there was a minor amendment to the memo we submitted to supervisor bree's office that we put in a budget. it was listed at over
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$700,000. it is in fact 91. this parcel map in front of you shows the geographic area that civic center cbd covers. it is a property based district and the budget is in fact $691 ,000 and set to expire june >> we have staff to report on public applique bsh accomplishment. in terms of bench marks that we review, the first benchmark between the budget amounts for each category was from
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their management plan. with respect to benchmark to represent that centers came from other sources other than assessment revenue. benchmark three, their budget to actual is within percentage points and benchmark for whether or not they call into the next fiscal year. with respect to benchmark one, management plan versus annual budget, the civic center cbd was well within the benchmark for review. benchmark fiscal years 12-13 was shy of this requirement. the civic center cbd continues to produce well under this area in terms of partnerships and fundraising. so it's not a concern for us moving forward.
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with respect to benchmark 3, budget versus actual, there were two budget categories that were just slightly out of range in fiscal year 11-12. that was admin and corporate operations and years 2013 it was safety and csa's. in terms of carry over. the civic center cbd in their first year had a late start and weren't able to deploy as many services and anticipated. they current have a carry over of $5,000 to improve the safety around the neighborhood and this will be deployed in this currently fiscal year and the following fiscal year until it's expiration. in addition to that, we are currently investigating whether
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or not this is an allowable expense and should have further clarification in the next few months on this item. in terms recommendations, we want to ensure that the cbd is breaking down the carry forward amount in their annual report. we also want to encourage the cdb meets the general benefit requirement and touching on the $200,000 renewable expenses working closely to rectify any issues that may come up with that. in terms of conclusion, the civic center and cbd has performed extremely well and they have had many events that have helped many to the area an partner to our office and two other cbd's in employing the epicenter website and they currently maintain an active board of directors which are many of the
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city staff that own property in the area. i'm going to be bringing up don to talk about the program attic accomplishment. >> thank you, supervisors, this is over the years. we started in february of 2011. so we only had 4 months before the end of the fiscal year. we had a whole years worth of income which 3 months in existence which was why we had a large carry over. we are a lot of government parcels and at the time we were getting notices from the state that they would not be paying for their assessment. since the city could not do anything about that and could not go after them with a private property we
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were really weary about what was happening and the school department was a little skeptical as well an we were trying to get to them to pay. at first they did not pay and they didn't come on board the second year. we wanted to make sure they weren't over spending and rolling out services when we that had funding. our active committees. one of the things that has come up with parking and traffic committee working to better mitigate the parking situations in pag and the center garage and the traffic patterns. it's about 18,000 people that come on any night which is a baseball game and we don't have that infrastructure to handle that volume anymore. that's why we encourage people to take public transit. we partner with mgm services to do
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our safety training program and market our 10 d safety and creating a live zone with the department of planning and we have brought together all the groups that are in the area to work on these similar issues that affect parking and traffic and pedestrian safety. we had as mentioned we were one of the three cbd's involved in the epicenter website which we got a grant to work on. that was one of our grants and also our creation grants. we had a really tight timeframe. i started december 1, 2011 and started february 1, 2 months after the holidays and we started on time inform our first year we had services only 5 days at week. in june we went to seven 7 days a
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week. then we added in the program to roll it out so we know that we will have these sources on going in a sustainable manner. also we realized in the last year or two that we are going to have having a lot of developments in the area. so our building is going to be reassessed in the next couple of years. the daily services, one of the things that people don't realize about our staff is that they are trained in mental health issues and know how to deal with people in distress. every day they help people with medical treatment. about 200 people a year that they send to either general or help get help with d ph. we remove 1500 needles and graffiti tags in the area and there
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is illegal dumps in the area that we are cleaning up. here is an example of large scale graffiti issues we are dealing with. also one of the functions that our ambassadors had in the day especially in the evening ambassadors that tell people where they are. they get lost. they don't know the difference between our museum and the opera house. a lot of it is giving directions of telling people the bart is that way and the muni is that way. especially in the evening, it's a great benefit. one of the things that i have been happy about is this partnership that i have mention, the symphony, the jazz, we have come one incentives to get people to park in the civic center garage and make that walk at night which can be a little challenging to people because of darkness and lack of testimony. we -- activity . we are also working to improve the
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bart center. we are on that committee as well. the planning department was employing their market octavia plan with the alley program in the area. we help the ivy street alley which is between franklin and gough which the be starting this summer. we realized along the way we were getting help from the community with people helping with our daily task and created stars that honor these people. it's honored by the ambassador and team staff only. they make the recommendations. we honor them every june. we started an honors class last year and hired students to play music in december. whether it's
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matinees or nutcracker so when people are walking by they see something pleasant on the way to their performance. it's been very positive. we have challenges, on going cleanliness is a problem. bill gram is a magnet and we have a lot of problems with that, cleaning is a problem. we are working with dpw to come up with different alternatives. i think mohamed wants to try exploratory painting material. it should be entering to see how that reacts to things that are put on it. i think one of the problems we don't have a monitored bathroom facility other than the library which is overwhelmed and the bathroom in the plaza would be great if it were monitored. i think recreation and parks is looking at that. and we can't clean the
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sidewalks as often as we want. the sidewalks really need it. also, challenges with safety and perception. i think people have a feeling it's unsafe even if it's safe. that's the perception we face daily. they may read one head line about 1 car being broken into, they think it's going to happen with. the bart station that is dark at night and one location that is crowded and not welcoming. in a parking garage at the civic center. people don't know where things are. hopefully this will make people feel comfortable. we also have a beautification project. we were hanging baskets which would be
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torpedoes in the wind. and you have the added challenge on market street and van ness under going a major event evasion for 2 years. starting at the end of this year. it's been a challenge for us. we started a community garden project for stevenson alley and doing an llc with that and the business that got sold so that put an end on that. >> so, one of the things we are thinking about when franklin street is done, repaved. doing some crosswalk patterns at the main sections at grove and franklin. we are trying a pedestrian heavy site from people going from a parking garage to dinner to opera. it's crowded. it's a little overwhelming for people. anything that enhances safety would be great. also the planning department as their main partner for the public
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development center, they are going to put all of these programs an projects that all the different departments are trying to putten there together. if you have any other questions, i will be right here. >> supervisor christensen? >> going back to some of the issues, the homeless encampment in the homeless area, i'm sure you are working with recreation and parks on this? >> right. the place on mission that is opening up. all the homeless connect, actually they happen, we work with them as well, we are lucky they are right here. it's easy to bring people. we also bring people to the veterans center who need help and even up here to the local community crimes
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and every morning, if they are in distress we find them. there is generally a call once a week. >> is there a plan in place by the hope team and the park to address this more vigorously? >> i think the center will take groups of people there. there is a group of people that hang around bill graham, there seems to be a pilot group that travels together. that's the challenge of trying to do that. we are trying to activate the plaza. it is an on going challenge that we have, the library has and bill graham management has. we are working to try to get people into the system to get the services they
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need. i think it's largely mental health issues and looted -- a lot of it masked by substance abuse and mental health issues are really hard and challenging and you need at least a week to figure out what that is. >> if the center and the library continue to be a magnet for people that have no where else to go, rather than steering them to off site programs do we want more frequent on-site. >> the library actually now has a social worker now and we want to work with dph to work with people with mental health issues and try to diagnose them on the street. >> do you think that's moving forward? >> yes, i think the navigation center was the first step he wanted to do and we are going to work on having
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that person. we've looked at maybe using some of our surplus we are labeling to use it for that purpose instead. that might be good. >> sounds like that might be a problem solver. thank you. >> so, i'm going to thank you you for your presentation. for the last year or so, when i come out to events from the -- i didn't know they were ambassadors. i was always wondering, wow, that's cool the theatre is paying these people. i guess they are not. for me, it's not really a big deal whether i walk from there or not but there are real comment to hear people say, it's nice to see somebody there. it's just feedback. >> thank you. >> thank you, any other
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questions? any public comment on this? >> norman yee. as a commissioner i am a speaker. i'm a mighty speaker. battalion of thomas jefferson, johnny carson, of george washington, abraham lincoln. st the work of the holy mission. >> any other public comment. is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. there is a motion. with no objection.
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motion passes. give me a second to figure this one out. no. 2, please. city clerk: item no. 2 is reviewing and approving annual report for the top of broadway community benefit district for fiscal year 2013-2014. >> good afternoon, supervisors, chair yee, supervisor christensen.
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you will sea in your packet the there are some repetitive slides. for the sake of time i'm going to gloss over those, the 2 pieces of legislation that govern our program. the review product. oewd process is over seeing that their managed well. the resolution in front of you for the top of broadway community benefit for fiscal year 13-14. this parcel map shows the very small geographic area that top of broadway covers. there are 39 parcels within the district. their assess many budget is also one of our smaller ones at $106,000. it was established if 2013 and set to expire june, #30shgs
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2021. the staff to the top of broadway is ben horn and he is present and will be stepping, actually he and his board chair will be co-presenting and and they will come back to talk about program accomplishment. in terms of focus area, they focus on identity, beautification and order and admin and organizational corporate operations. again, the four bench marks that we review are outlined here. so with respect to benchmark one management plan versus annual budget, the cbd fiscal year 13-14 match the benefit plan. in terms of other revenue and income you can see here the cbd well exceeded their requirement by several percentage points. this is due
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to a significant contribution from the broadway economic and culture association of a private donation made to the cbd to help pay for services. that influx in funding for the community benefit district impacted their budget versus actual. you will see here that in sidewalk beautification they exceeded their 10% allocation. this is because in 2000 helped bay for increased security in the district. again we are going to research with how to go to the review process for they are not punished for their collection. in terms of carry over, you will see the cdb is going to carry 15000. this is in combination of assessment
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and non-assessment dollars, that's why it's exceeded their $105,000 budget. in terms of recommendations there wasn't very much here. the 2-year pledge from becka of $200,000 that their program allocated stay within their assessment dollar allocation. in terms of oewd's that develop the framework separating the two between none assessment dollars moving forward. in conclusion, they are moving very well, they have adopted a marketing campaign. to speak very
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candidly, for the am of money they get, they have done quite a bit for a very very city hall budget. it's been very impressive to see them growing in these 2 years. i'm going to bring them up to discuss their accomplishment. >> since they are calling this the top of broadway which i got a little confused because the top of broadway where i grew up was something else. is there a bottom of broadway? >> during the formation process broadway stretches to north beach and a china area. it was difficult for this community to just call it broadway. maybe it is the highest point